The Future of Value-Based Insurance Design

The Summit was a great success and we were honored to have such great presenters and participants join us!

We’d like to especially thank Representative Earl Blumenauer, Tim Gronniger, Senior Vice President of Development and Strategy, Caravan Health, and Former Director, Delivery System Reform, CMS, and Ann Greiner, President and CEO, Patient-Centered Primary Care Collaborative, for their thought provoking keynote addresses.

We’d also like to thank each of our panelists for sharing their thoughtful insights and perspectives throughout the morning.

Key Messages and Highlights of the Summit:

• The time is ripe to engage in discussions about the value of V-BID.

• There is great consensus about the positive impact of V-BID, as demonstrated by the keynote speakers, panelissts, and the stakeholders in attendance, which included government and hill staff, patient advocacy organizations, academics, clinicians/providers, employers, and insurers.

• V-BID is an issue with bipartisan, bicameral support that demonstrates improved value and outcomes, and decreases overall health care costs.

• There is immediate interest in the introduction of a bill expanding the HSA safe harbor for management of chronic conditions, as well as expanding the Medicare Advantage V-BID demonstration to all fifty states and to the TRICARE program.

• There are opportunities to expand V-BID concepts and approaches to other areas of the health care system, for example, using V-BID to address issues and barriers related to social determinants of health.

• The positive V-BID benefits and effects are shared across the board by everyone–by patients, clinicians/providers, federal and state governments, employers, and insurers.

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